Exploring Mental Health Risks After Divorce [Infographics]

The divorce experience can take a lot out of you. From the challenges that come from an unhappy and dysfunctional marriage, to the legal process that can drain you both emotionally and financially, to recovering from the stresses of the entire situation after the divorce decree is finalized, it can leave you in disarray.

Without utilizing services that with help you mentally and emotionally recover from the difficult ordeal, you may be at risk for health issues that can arise. You may not know where to turn or who to go to.

If you still find yourself in the divorce process, ask your family law attorney of any services that you can turn to, in order to improve yourmental and emotional health. They may have specific recommendations, based on the emotional difficulties of the divorce process.

Knowing what you’re facing in the divorce process is important, and when it comes to mental health and the stresses of the experience, knowledge is power. Without that knowledge, you risk your health and possibly even your life.

Below are infographics detailing statistics on the mental health risks that people who experience divorce face.

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