Understanding Cold Feet Before a Divorce

Marital problems can spring up at any point during the union. Whether it is five minutes after the ‘I do’s or fifty years later, issues can surface and put enough stress on any relationship, that forces a certain level of reevaluation. The individuals involved in


Medical Marijuana Users Face Child Custody Issues


In court, the fight for custody of a child can create the tensest of environments, leaving co-parents scrambling to find any little bit of information that can help their case for their attorneys. For some, this includes bringing up medical conditions that may impact a


Shared Parenting Bill Discussed in Michigan


Being a co-parent with an ex-spouse can be a challenge. Emotions and past history often find themselves clouding decision-making, and children of divorce can find themselves in the crossfire, unable to take sides. This can lead them in an endless struggle that can lead to


Divorce’s Problems with Social Stigmas

When someone who has experienced a divorce mentions it in casual conversation, it can often create a moment of discomfort for the other party or parties. Why? Why does it create a level of discomfort that can often lead people away from discussing it in


Preserving a Routine for a Child of Divorce

For a child of divorce, there’s always a little bit steeper of a hill to climb during the transitional period. Depending on their age, the changing landscape of their life could leave them focused on either the uncertainty of the future or in agony over