Navigating Mortgages During and After Divorce
Dan Pearce
Mortgage loans are difficult to navigate in the best of circumstances, but in an unhappy marriage heading toward a divorce, they can be problematic reminders that the couple and the legal system will have to sort out. Given the amount of money taken out in an effort to purchase a family home, it is no surprise that it’s a point of discord and contention in many divorce cases. When you go and purchase a…
CCN Monthly Video Recap — February 2017
Daniel Pearce Men’s Divorce, sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site DadsDivorce.com have teamed up to present a series of recap videos to keep you informed…
Communication, Consistency Needed for Disciplining Children of Divorce
Daniel Pearce When co-parenting with an ex-spouse, staying on the same page can be tricky. With so much of a child’s life spent on the move…
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