Beginning the process of divorce for the first time is intimidating. The complex family law system is difficult to understand — particularly if you have never been through it before — and it is easy to make costly mistakes due to inexperience.

Fortunately, you are not the first person to go through these proceedings, and you may be able to learn from other people’s mistakes. In the Profiles section, you will find the collective wisdom of divorce survivors, attorneys, divorce professionals and other experts who have first-hand experience dealing with divorce. This practical knowledge will hopefully better prepare you for the challenges you may face in the real world of family law.

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Divorce Survivor: Charles Profiles

Charles recently made it through a grueling 21 months of litigation in the family courts of Nebraska to settle his divorce after 13 years of marriage. After almost two years and roughly $40,000 later, he has decided to share his experience in the hopes that other men may be able to avoid some the mistakes he made while going through the difficult process of divorce.

Divorce Expert: Rick and Michelle, CDFAs Profiles

Rick Harkins and his wife, Michelle Cortes-Harkins, founded Harkins Wealth Management in 2008. Primarily a wealth management financial planning practice in the beginning, they have split their practice since to include advising clients going through divorce. With the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation, they provide a unique perspective on the financial challenges of divorce.

Profiles HeadingDivorce Survivor: John

John is in the process of wrapping up a 14-month divorce from his wife of 16 years in New Mexico. After numerous delays, John has achieved a settlement that many men who have been through divorce would envy: An equal share of parenting time with his two boys and no alimony obligation.

Profiles HeadingDivorce Survivor: Divorced Kat

Divorced Kat spent a total of eight years with her ex, the final three of them as husband and wife. Although her marriage broke down for a fairly unique reason, she and her ex were able to work out a very amicable split that was simplified by a non-confrontational attitude, alternative dispute resolution and not having children.