Dealing with Divorce in Prison

Despite what some in society might lead you to believe, divorce is not, in fact, a crime. The act of ending an unhappy marriage through the divorce process is not legally punishable, in any stretch of the imagination. As many negative connotations people may have,


Understanding Extortion, Blackmail in Divorce

In the divorce process, negotiation tactics can often find themselves dictated by an individual’s priorities, in what they want most in their divorce settlement. When two soon-to-be ex-spouses are vying for the same assets, it can cause incentive to resort to some ethically-questionable methods. With


The Importance of the Right to First Refusal

shared parenting

When designing a child custody agreement during a divorce, many important factors go into creating an accord that would satisfy both parents. Much of the focus is placed on who has primary custody and the child custody scheduling, that there is another important clause that


Mississippi’s Problems with Divorce Laws

laying the foundation

No-fault divorce has helped many in the United States separate themselves from unhappy marriages. As previously stated, no-fault divorce allows a spouse asking for the divorce to pursue one without having to prove that the other spouse did something wrong. In some form or another,