North Carolina Law Highlights Foster Care Reform

parental alienation

In pursuing a custody system that considers the best interests of the child, over any preconceived notions involving gender and one’s ability to being a nurturing parent, advocates are seeking a safer, more constructive legal skeleton to protect the children, whose futures may be decided


Understanding Custodial Tax Benefits

While experiencing a divorce, there are many worries regarding who gets what. Whether it is custody of the children or assets accrued, everything is under a microscope. In ending the marriage, the fallout is created, leaving both parties looking to figure out their financial futures


Guilt Can Surface in Parenting After Divorce

Whether it is where to send a child to school or what to pack for their lunch, as parents, actions have consequences. This cause and effect reaction can spark fruitful outcomes of health, learning and discipline, but also can lead children down a bad path.