7 Back-To-School Co-Parenting Tips


Co-parenting isn’t easy. It requires communication and coordination with someone you no longer like to be around at best, and despise with a hateful passion at worst. But regardless of how you may feel about your ex, successful co-parenting is necessary for your children’s wellbeing. No matter


Happy Father’s Day from Men’s Divorce

The unique experience of being a father cannot be denied. Regardless if you are married, have never been married, or are divorced, your place in your child’s life matters. Your child benefits from having you in their life. Countless studies support the physical and mental


Engage in Your Identity This Father’s Day

From the moment that you first lay eyes on your child, they become your world and who you are. You and your co-parent become responsible for that little one, regardless of your marital status. From their perspective, you and your co-parent become their world too.