Men’s Divorce Editor Speaks on Domestic Violence, Divorce, and Child Custody

Men’s Divorce Online Editor Dan Pearce was a guest columnist at Daytime Confidential, discussing the ins and outs of a current storyline airing right now on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless.”

The storyline revolves around issues regarding domestic violence, divorce, and child custody. The character of J.T. Hellstrom (played by Thad Luckinbill) came back to the show, announcing that his wife, Mackenzie Browning (played by Kelly Kruger) and he were in the divorce process.

He proceeded to rekindle a romance with his ex-wife, Victoria Newman (played by Amelia Heinle), whom he shares a son, Reed (played by Tristan Lake Leabu), with. His behavior became more aggressive over time, culminating on the day he received a legal notice, informing him that Mackenzie was suing for full custody of their two children, Becca and Dylan.

He got into an altercation with Victoria that culminated in him pinning her against a door with his hands wrapped around her throat.

Mr. Pearce broke down the ins and outs of how this type of abusive and aggressive behavior could be used in child custody court, as well as in divorce proceedings. He also highlighted the psychology of domestic abuse and how the abuser can utilize the response strategy of deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender (DARVO), in order to change the narrative of the attack.

You can read the article here.

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