My Soon-To-Be Ex Bought a House. What Does This Mean for Me?

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My soon-to-be ex-spouse purchased a house without my knowledge. Is it protected, or do I have to claim it in the divorce, along with the marital home?


Ohio attorney Daniel White

I do not practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state, but I can provide you with general tips in divorce.

That depends heavily on how they purchased the property. As an attorney licensed in Ohio, I can say that here, it would be marital unless they can prove it is separate property. Our laws would call that separate property if they used inheritance or premarital funds for that purchase.

Moreover, you may have even more arguments for the property to be considered marital if they were using her regular paychecks to pay the mortgage while you were still married. Each state has different rules on marital property so in order to fully understand your options, you should meet with an attorney in your jurisdiction to discuss the same.

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