Will I be Able to Meet With my Divorce Attorney During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Will I be able to meet with my divorce attorney during the Coronavirus pandemic?


Pennsylvania divorce attorney Caroline Thompson

I practice law in the of Pennsylvania. Unless you live there, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state, but I can give you some state general observations on family law issues and how they are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the jurisdiction where I practice.

In response to your inquiry regarding whether you will be able to meet with your attorney during the Coronavirus pandemic, we would happy to meet with you provided there are no state and/or federal restrictions limiting in-person interactions.

Further, we would, understandably, have to screen you to determine if there is a reasonable risk of COVID-19 exposure. Of course, the screening would be extended to your assigned attorney as well to limit the chance of your exposure to COVID-19. While we understand that you and your attorney will have to discuss, at times, sensitive information and a lot of times that is easier to do in person. Further, it is extremely important that you and your attorney have a relationship which is built on trust, which is certainly easier to cultivate in person. 

However, these are unusual and uncertain times we all must be cautious. Rested assured, however, that Cordell & Cordell has quickly adapted to continue to allow our attorneys to be accessible to our clients, even if it cannot be in person. 

Again, assuming again there are no restrictions and there are no concerns about COVID-19 exposure, we could certainly meet.  

That being said, I do want you to be aware that we are readily accessible by electronic means as well if there is a prohibition for an in-person meeting.  With Cordell & Cordell, you always will have access to your assigned attorney’s email and cell phone, which we have with us, generally, at all times. Further, there is a client portal, which is like Dropbox, where you can securely upload information that will be automatically sent to your attorney for review. We also have Skype capability and certainly we have access to Zoom, so we could also meet in an online forum. In sum, even if we are unable to meet in person, there are several avenues of communication to allow you and your attorney to develop a trusted relationship.

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