COVID-19 and Summer Parenting Time – Men’s Divorce Podcast

In the latest edition of Cordell & Cordell’s continuing podcast series on divorce during COVID-19, CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout and Litigation Partner Richard Julius tackled topics concerning visitation, custody, and what to do about upcoming summer parenting time in the pandemic.

Sorting through visitation and parenting time schedules can be a little trickier for divorced fathers during the summer months when school is no longer in session. That figures to be even more complicated with the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altering everyone’s routines.

Mr. Trout and Mr. Julius walk through what divorced parents need to know in the latest in Cordell & Cordell’s series on divorce during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Cordell & Cordell continues to produce weekly webinars about facing divorce during the pandemic and daily podcasts answering submitted questions. You can find all past webinars and podcasts on Cordell & Cordell’s COVID-19 and Divorce Information Hub.

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