Does Child Support Cover Tutoring?

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I am currently paying my ex-spouse child support, and our child sees a tutor once a week for help in school. Doesn’t the money they receive from child support cover that?


Ohio attorney Daniel White

I do not practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state, but I can provide you with general tips in divorce.

This may qualify as an item covered by child support depending on your jurisdiction. As an Ohio attorney, I have found that the courts here treat it in two different ways. If it is something required through the school, then it would be a school expense, which is covered by child support.

However, if it was done outside of school based upon the needs of your child, then it is an extra-curricular activity that is not covered under child support.

Each state differs on how they classify a child expense, and what they consider an expense covered by your child support obligation. I would speak with an attorney in your state to see how your state would treat those expenses.

In addition to that, the added expense may entitle you to a reduction in support. In Ohio, in kind contributions are grounds for a deviation, so paying for a tutor may entitle you to a reduction based upon that cost. Again, you should discuss these potential outcomes with an attorney in your state to see if they apply in your state and in your matter.

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