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My spouse and I are looking into separating/nesting. We have three kids and are interested in purchasing an apartment, trading off days at the apartment and allowing the house to be our home with the kids. Any legal suggestions?


New Jersey divorce attorney Diana Megalla
New Jersey divorce attorney Diana Megalla

While some people do not like the idea of nesting, there are several reasons why it may be beneficial to your children.

First, the children will have a place called home and rather than have the children being inconvenienced by moving their belongings every few days, you as the parents would have the burden to do so. Nesting also can provide a more stable structure for the children because the children’s rooms will be unchanged, the place they do their homework will be the same, etc.

Additionally, the children will remain in the same school district and will not be burdened with additional time for travel, in the event either you or your ex-wife rented an apartment further away from school or the other parent’s house. As such, generally nesting is a good idea and preferred by many parents.

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