When Do You Need A Divorce Attorney For Men?

divorce attorney for menIf you’re about to file for divorce from your wife, you need to make sure your rights are protected. It’s true that if the divorce is amicable, you may want to use the services of an mediator or arbitrator instead of an attorney.

However, this is not advisable in cases where there will be discord or you are in danger of having your rights violated. In that case, you need a divorce attorney for men. What can a men’s divorce attorney do for you?

Child Custody

It’s becoming less and less a problem for men to be heard in regard to child custody issues. It’s no longer true, for example, that the mother always gets custody and the father simply gets visitation rights. Although it used to be true that women were granted greater child custody leeway than men were, courts are increasingly considering how the best interests of the children will be served.

If you wish to serve as the main custodial parent or if simply want to share joint physical and legal custody, a divorce attorney for men can help make sure you get the best child custody option warranted by your case. Whether sole, joint or primary custody is what you desire, an attorney can help create a case based on your situation and children’s best interests.

Protect Your Property

Unfortunately, it’s often true that when a separation and subsequent divorce occurs, the man is the one forced to move out of the marital home. That’s not always advisable, though, especially if there’s a danger you won’t be able to get back in to your home to reclaim your property (and your house, as the case may be) once you leave.

In almost all cases, a divorce attorney for men will advise you to not leave the home prior to the divorce proceedings and division of property. Similarly, you should not simply leave your possessions in the home in hopes that you’ll be allowed to collect them later. That sometimes does not happen, and you need to protect your own interests.


Men still represent the overwhelming majority of alimony payors; although, some states have outlawed “lifetime alimony” payments to spouses and more are considering alimony reform.

Nonetheless, it’s up to you to protect your own rights and make sure any alimony payments made are fair. In some cases, you may be the spouse that’s receiving alimony, and you’ll need to make sure that you receive what you should. Either way, you’ll need a divorce attorney for men to make sure you protect your assets, or receive fair alimony payments.

If you have children, it’s likely that you’ll be making at least some sort of child support payments, and again, this is where you’ll need a divorce attorney for men to represent you.

Of course you’ll want your children to have the money they need to live a good life if you’re not going to be the full-time custodial parent, but you want child support payments to be fair and not excessive. Good divorce attorneys for men will help ensure this happens.

Divorce Attorney For Men – Protect Your Rights

Simply put, a divorce attorney for men is there to be on your side, putting your best interests ahead of your spouse’s. That may sound harsh, but it’s necessary in cases where the divorce is going to be particularly difficult.

If it’s a particularly contentious divorce, it may need to come down to attorneys battling things out for the both of you. You must have a good attorney if you want to make sure that you have a fair outcome.

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