7 Back-To-School Co-Parenting Tips


Co-parenting isn’t easy. It requires communication and coordination with someone you no longer like to be around at best, and despise with a hateful passion at worst. But regardless of how you may feel about your ex, successful co-parenting is necessary for your children’s wellbeing. No matter


Making Post-Divorce Parenting Decisions

After a divorce, you probably still harbor many negative feelings toward your ex-spouse and rightfully so. There are a number of events that could have occurred to create the animosity, and they also may harbor ill will toward you, as well. However, the children in


Kansas Discussing Child Custody Law

For children of divorce, the concept of not having access to both parents is a crushing realization during an already stressful time in a child’s life. For the noncustodial parent of the child, this notion is a harsh reality that they have to live with.