CCN Monthly Video Recap — May 2017

Men’s Divorce sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site have teamed up to present a series of monthly recap videos to keep you informed on the latest news and top stories.

Cordell & Cordell announced it is offering free Men’s Divorce school seminars in Des Moines, Iowa; Little Rock, Ark.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Las Vegas; and Springfield, Ill. The complimentary seminars cover the basics of how the divorce process works. Sign up at

Dads Divorce added a new article about four reasons why divorce is often more difficult for guys. Research consistently shows breakups are harder for men to recover from, but the reasons why are laced with nuance.

Men’s Divorce published an article about how guys can write about their divorce experience as a way to help them work through the emotions they are experiencing. In the aftermath of divorce, it is important to find healthy ways to cope with your feelings and writing gives many men a therapeutic outlet.

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