Can My Girlfriend Pick Up My Son If I Have To Work Late?

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Is there anything my ex-wife can do to stop my girlfriend from picking up my son if I cannot get off work in time to pick him up?

New Jersey family law attorney Michelle Ferreri


Your ex-wife can bring up a few issues with regard to your girlfriend picking up your son.

First, if she has proof that your girlfriend has a criminal history or substance abuse problem, she can bring that up to the court and ask that she be restrained from being around your son.

If this is not the case, and your girlfriend is not a harm to your son, your ex-wife could create a question in the mind of the Court as to whether or not you are actually exercising your parenting time with your son, or if he is just spending time with your girlfriend. If you are not present for your parenting time on a regular basis, that could be grounds to modify your parenting time schedule.

However, if this is something that happens infrequently and your girlfriend is not a harm to your son, I do not believe your ex-wife should be able to stop your girlfriend from picking up your son.

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