Does Separating Houses Negate Adultery?

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A man separates from his wife. Separation in this context means they live in separate residences, the wife agrees to pay a modest amount of financial support to the husband because their two teenagers are living with the husband, and they mutually agree to date other people. They have officially separated in January. Now that they’re separated, the husband meets someone else in April and starts dating that person. In essence, the husband did not even know his new girlfriend until three months after his separation from his wife.

Is this considered adultery?


Pennsylvania divorce attorney Caroline Thompson
Pennsylvania divorce attorney Caroline Thompson

I am not licensed in your state but I will answer your question based upon my experience in my jurisdiction.  In my state, once parties separate houses and/or agree the marriage is over, each party is free to date other people without it being considered adultery.  In my state, generally the only consideration post-separation relationships are given is if the person in a relationship is receiving alimony and they begin to cohabitate or remarry as this could cause alimony to be stopped.

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