Can I Seek Custody of My Son Due to Concerns Over My Ex’s Mental Health?

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When we divorced in 2012, I gave my ex-wife custody of my son, and I received visitation. She suffers from depression and anxiety, and to my knowledge, she is still currently taking medication to treat them. Now, it seems at times she becomes overwhelmed and I am concerned for my son. Are my concerns enough to go to court to get primary custody?

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In order to change an existing custody order, you would need to file a petition for modification with the court. In most states, it is required that once a custody determination has been made by the court that there must be a “substantial change in circumstance” to warrant modification of that custody order.

The court must also find that the facts that would warrant a change were not known at the time of the original order, that you did not anticipate these changes and that a modification is necessary for the best interests of the child.

In Texas, a modification can be granted if the present environment endangers the child’s physical health, or the other party agrees to the change. Even though you were aware of your ex-wife’s mental health issues at the time the divorce was finalized, you could possibly argue that they have worsened to the point where it is affecting your child’s well-being.

The court’s primary concern is the child’s well being. A parent with a mental health concern does not necessarily make them unfit to parent or have primary custody; however, it is when their mental health begins to have a negative impact on the child that the court often steps in.

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