Men’s Divorce Podcast: Tips For Being A Good Divorced Dad


Each month, the Cordell & Cordell Men’s Divorce Podcast features an in-depth discussion on specific issues that affect men going through divorce.

Cordell & Cordell Litigation Partner Kristin Zurek joins CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout for a conversation about how fathers can be the best dads possible in the wake of divorce.

Although fathers are typically allotted less time with their children after divorce than they previously enjoyed, their importance is actually magnified, as kids need support and encouragement as they make their way through this life transition.

They discuss why it is important for dads to be accessible and available to spend time with their children during and after divorce (1:31); why dads should keep a calendar detailing the time they spend with their kids (3:38); tips for getting involved in your children’s routine (7:32); Gameday Coffee’s relationship with Cordell & Cordell in helping fathers come up with purposeful activities with their kids (10:05); the importance of organization when separating personal time and time with your children (13:00); tips for keeping the peace with your ex (15:27); why you should avoid talking about child support and your ex’s finances in front of your children (16:08); how guys can foster a healthy relationship with their ex (17:52); the value of co-parenting resources (19:30); what to do when your child wants to be with their mother during your parenting time (20:54); how to help your child adjust to having two living spaces (21:49); how dads can benefit from a support system within their neighborhood (22:37); how stereotypical gender roles can affect a father’s relationship with his kids (23:19); resources that can help fathers adjust to life as a divorced dad (24:45); the importance of not focusing too much on the material aspect of your relationship with your kids (26:47); and more.

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