Men’s Divorce Podcast: A Father’s Guide To Child Custody


Each month, the Cordell & Cordell Men’s Divorce Podcast features an in-depth discussion on specific issues that affect men going through the divorce process.

This month, Cordell & Cordell Managing Partner/CEO Scott Trout goes over some of the common issues dads run into when trying to get custody of their children.

Mr. Trout discusses whether dads have an uphill battle when fighting for custody (0:28); defines the different types of custody (2:18); explains what factors a court considers when determining custody (4:23); reviews what role outside witnesses can play in a custody case (10:33); goes over overlooked issues that can complicate a custody case (18:30); and gives tips for working with your ex to co-parent (23:45).

Check out this month’s Men’s Divorce Podcast on fathers seeking child custody:

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