How Long Does Divorce Take If Both Parties Agree on Everything?

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How long does divorce take if both parties agree on everything?


Pennsylvania attorney Cassandra A. Colombo

I do not practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state, but I can provide you with general tips in divorce.

If you and the other parent of your child(ren) agree on a custody schedule- if your state is similar to the state that I am licensed in, Pennsylvania – it can be as quick as having an attorney draft a Custody Agreement for you and it will be put in place once approved by the Judge and the Order is signed. As we have no control over when the Judge signs Orders we cannot say exactly how long it will take but typically this can be done as quickly as within a week.

To ensure that your agreement is satisfactory and to assist in drafting the Custody Agreement, I would recommend contacting one of our Cordell & Cordell offices in your state.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss divorce rights for men with a Cordell & Cordell attorney, contact Cordell & Cordell.

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