Before Getting Legal Advice


10 Tips For Selecting The Right Divorce Attorney

The selection of your attorney will likely be one of the most important factors in the outcome of your divorce. With such a massive pool of lawyers to choose from, making such an important decision can be extremely difficult — particularly since the needs of


The Danger of Amateur Divorce Advice

Divorce is a whole new world for the majority of people who decide to end a marriage. And with the all-too-familiar statistic of roughly 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, everyone likely knows someone (or many someones) who have been through the process. As


Choice Of Divorce Lawyer May Determine Case Outcome

Divorce lawyers for men are in demand, unfortunately. When your marriage is beyond repair and the only alternative left is to get a divorce, it is important that you choose a lawyer with experience, one who is capable of reaching a fair outcome and protecting


Why You Cannot Share An Attorney With Your Spouse

Sara Gabriella, Contributing Author When you add the financial costs to the emotional toll of a marriage ending, divorce can feel overwhelming. The daunting prospect of a drawn-out legal battle prompts some couples to question if they can use the same lawyer to limit expenses


The Importance of Attorney-Client Relationships

Going through a divorce, the chances are pretty high that you will have to work with an attorney at one point or another. If your spouse hires counsel, it is prudent to seek your own to level the playing field, which introduces a new relationship


Annulments Are Not An Easy Way Out

When a couple determines their marriage is at an end, they must then start the process of terminating the marriage. Divorce is the typical route most take; however, the complicated legal process has become so widely discussed and dreaded that many hope to find an

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Cheaper Options For Legal Help
Indiana divorce attorney Kimberly McCabe gives some tips on where to find cheap legal help if you are unable to afford an attorney during a divorce.
Cost-Saving Divorce Tips
Texas family law attorney Cassandra Pillonel gives a few cost-saving tips that will help you lower the overall cost of your divorce.
Divorce 101: Before Divorce
A video series featuring information on getting legal advice, preparing for an initial consultation, filing for divorce and more.