Why You Need Divorce Lawyers for Men


If you’re a man and you’re getting a divorce, you have special considerations to take note of during divorce proceedings. Doing things right, including getting divorce lawyers for men, can help make sure that the results will be as fair as possible. These are some of the possible mistakes you can make when filing.

You’re tempted to get one lawyer for the both of you

It may seem like a good idea to get one lawyer to handle everything for both of you, but that’s generally a mistake. By hiring your own lawyer, and letting your wife hire her own lawyer, you’re sure to have someone on your side, protecting your best interests even as your wife protects hers.

You let your wife file before you do

If you know a divorce is going to happen, file first. When you file first, you get to speak first as the plaintiff. If you wait and your wife files first, you become the defendant, and your wife becomes the plaintiff. As the defendant, you must defend your actions against your soon-to-be ex-wife’s claims; if you file first as the plaintiff, your wife is the one who will need to be defending herself.

You voluntarily move out of your shared home

Divorce lawyers for men will tell you that you should never move out unless there’s a court order that forces you to do so. Your lawyer will also need to determine what your spouse’s legal strategies are, so that you can effectively counter those strategies. You may indeed want to make a divorce as peaceful as possible, and your lawyer will work with your spouse’s lawyer to make sure that happens. However, stay in the house if at all possible while things are going on, even if you and your spouse are contentious with each other. Remain calm and cool; moving out before its time could make it difficult to get your possessions you’ve left in the home, and may even make it difficult for you to see your children before custody issues have been worked out.

You give up joint custody of your children, or fail to file for sole custody

Divorce lawyers for men will tell you that you have as much right to your children as your spouse does. If there are any indications that your spouse is an unfit parent, you may even be entitled to sole custody. It’s no longer true that mothers automatically get custody of minor children in divorce proceedings. Today, the courts are increasingly focusing on the best interests of the children, which means that you as a parent can be equally considered as custodian and caretaker of your children. If you are indeed a better parent, divorce lawyers for men will help you fight for sole custody if necessary, or if the situation warrants, help you gain joint custody so that you stay involved in your children’s lives.

You pay alimony when you don’t have to, and/or pay more for child support than you have to

Today, more women are working outside of the home and supporting themselves and their children. Although you certainly have an obligation to help support your children, divorce lawyers for men will tell you that you may not be responsible for as much child support if your soon-to-be ex-spouse is working, and you may not need to pay alimony at all. Your lawyer will help you determine just how much if any alimony you should pay, and how much child support you should pay. Then, he or she will present your case to the court so that you’re not left with more support than you should pay, by rights.

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