Week in Review – February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015

Men’s Divorce, sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site DadsDivorce.com have teamed up to present a series of weekly recap videos to keep you informed on the latest news and top stories.

This week, Cordell & Cordell senior attorney Lauren Melhart received  board certification in family law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Melhart was just one of 34 family law attorneys to receive this designation in the state, having voluntarily undertaken the long and strenuous process to become certified.

Attorneys seeking this designation must be licensed for at least five years, devote a required percentage of practice to a specialty area for at least three years, attend continuing education seminars, pass an evaluation by fellow lawyers and judges and pass a 6-hour written exam.

Dad’s Divorce posted a new article highlighting a developing trend in advertisements portraying fathers in a nurturing role with their children, specifically focusing on several Super Bowl ads from last weekend. Dove, Toyota and Nissan each produced ads on the biggest stage showing men as caring fathers, all of which were very well-received.

This change in direction for advertising is indicative of a cultural shift in the image of fathers, as dads are spending more time building emotional ties with their children than previous generations.

Men’s Divorce published a new article breaking down how alimony and child support payments are reduced or terminated through the courts. These obligations can be very burdensome for payors who may be cutting a monthly check for years or even decades after divorce — particularly when dealing with an ever-changing economy.

Courts generally require that you show “a significant change in circumstances” to lower the amount you are paying; however, ending the obligation altogether may require more specific scenarios.

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