Top 10 Men’s Divorce Articles Of 2015


Last year saw continuing improvement on our goal to provide a valuable resource for guys going through divorce, both in terms of site design / content and a growing readership.

From major changes like the complete redesign of Divorce 101 to provide a more structured and organized layout, to new content series like Divorce Attorney Tips, we have continued adding new features that help provide information to men going through this difficult time in their lives.

Here is a look back at the top 10 Men’s Divorce articles of 2015, which gives an idea of what to expect during the New Year as we keep working to provide the information and resources to help men through divorce.

1.     Contempt Actions: Enforcing Court Orders

If an order is not followed, it may be necessary to seek court enforcement through filing a contempt action. Contempt can include both civil and criminal penalties, and depending on the violation may include extra visitation, fines or jail time. However, be aware that you must prove the offending party had the ability to comply and willfully disregarded the order.

2.     Moving Out Before Divorce Is Final Causes Problems

This article provides a brief synopsis of the financial and custodial ramifications of moving out of the marital home while a divorce is pending. Voluntarily leaving the home can set you up for a major disadvantage both financially and when it comes to gaining custody, so it is typically recommended to stay whenever possible.

3.     The Million-Dollar Question: How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

While everyone naturally wants to know upfront how much their divorce is going to cost, the fact of the matter remains that it is nearly impossible to predict. There are simply too many variables that can potentially arise for an attorney to give you a 100-percent accurate prediction, such as the complexity of the issues in the case, the willingness of parties to work towards a solution, how long the case will take and more.

4.     Meeting Women After Divorce

Many divorced guys feel intimidated or at a loss as to where they can find eligible women after they have divorced – particularly if they were in a long-term marriage and are now firmly in their middle age. While it may not be as easy as your college days, there is still plenty of opportunities to meet women after divorce, such as online dating, singles groups, volunteering, having friends set you up and more.

5.     Preparing For An Initial Consultation: Part I

The first in a two-part series detailing how to get the most out of your time and money from a consultation with a divorce attorney. Generally speaking, the more information you can provide detailing the background of your situation, the more you will get out of the meeting.

6.     Enforcing Visitation When Denied Court-Ordered Parenting Time

It is an unfortunate reality that all parents do not abide by the court’s order when it comes to the parenting arrangement. If your ex denies your parenting time, the first thing you need to do is document the missed visitation, contact an attorney and possibly the police and finally lodge a complaint with the courts. Whatever happens, however, do not stop paying child support.

7.     Obtaining Emergency Temporary Custody Of Your Children

If you have serious concerns about the well-being of your children when they are in your ex’s custody, there are ways you can file an emergency motion to temporarily change custody. However, be aware that you must have a valid concern that your child is in danger, such as your ex getting a DUI with the child in the vehicle or threatening to take the child out of state against the will of the courts.

8.     5 Red Flags Your Marriage Is Heading For Divorce

Marriages typically do not go from being perfectly happy to the brink of divorce overnight. There are likely many signals that you may be able to catch and work on before you get to that point if you want to save your marriage, such as a breakdown in communication, poor conflict resolution, overwhelming negativity and more.

9.     Mental Illness And Your Custody Case: Part I

Mental illness can have a significant impact on child custody proceedings, but it is a very tricky issues to deal with. Since mental illness comes in a variety of forms, every case will be unique in how you approach it. You must be sure that you secure a formal diagnosis, as just your claims your ex is crazy will not be valid, and be sure that the mental health professional is utilized to secure the result.

10.   Be Wary Of Rebound Relationships

After a divorce is finalized, it is fairly common for guys to want to jump right back into the dating game and find a new relationship. However, the emotional toll divorce takes can lead to bad decisions being made and you are likely not in the position to begin a committed relationship at that point. In the end, rebound relationships often ending hurting you and the person you were with.

Just as we continued making improvements to the site over the past year, we look forward to 2016 as a new opportunity to continue expanding our goal of creating an informative resource for guys going through divorce.

Feel encouraged to fill out a contact form with any feedback on how we can enhance user experience, whether it be through topics that needs further development or new features to improve how information is conveyed.


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