Top 10 Men’s Divorce Articles of 2014

men's divorce articles

Beginning with a renewed focus on consistently posting content, to the complete site redesign implemented back in July, 2014 really saw Men’s Divorce transform from a simple blog focusing on issues pertaining to men’s and father’s rights into a viable resource for men going through divorce.

Many new and popular features were added throughout the year, including Divorce 101, Ask a Lawyer and a Men’s Divorce Forum, as well as recurring content such as a weekly newsletter, Profiles of divorce survivors and the Attorney Bites videos.

Here is a look back at the top 10 Men’s Divorce articles of 2014, which gives an idea of the things to come as we begin the New Year and strive to continue providing useful and relevant information concerning divorce and family law matters for men.

1.   Moving Out Before Divorce is Final Causes Problems

This article provides a brief synopsis of the financial and custodial ramifications of moving out of the marital home while a divorce is pending. Voluntarily leaving the home can set you up for a major disadvantage both financially and when it comes to gaining custody, so it is typically recommended to stay whenever possible.

2.   Preparing for an Initial Consultation: Part I

The first in a two-part series detailing how to get the most out of your time and money from a consultation with a divorce attorney. Generally speaking, the more information you can provide detailing the background of your situation, the more you will get out of the meeting.

3.   6 Common Mistakes Men Make AFTER a Divorce

Even after the divorce is finalized, there are still many mistakes men continue to make that cause additional headaches down the road. Simple oversights such as forgetting to update life insurance or beneficiary information are easy to avoid, yet men regularly create extra hassles for themselves even after the divorce should be over.

4.   10 Divorce Realities that May Still Surprise You

We asked the divorcees or Reddit to give examples of what they wish they had known going into the divorce process that would have made things easier. Some of the answers included how long the divorce actually takes, the overall cost, losing friends and more.

5.   6 Questions to Consider when Contemplating Divorce

While all marriages will have their rough patches, there comes a point when you have to wonder whether a more serious option is necessary. This article poses some questions to consider when contemplating marriage counseling or divorce.

6.   Alimony Basics: Factors, Types and Decree Protections

Alimony is a hot-button issue when it comes to divorce. Here, we give a general breakdown explaining how alimony typically works, the factors that usually go into determining an alimony award, the different types of alimony, what sorts of protective language should be included in the decree and more.

7.   An Attorney’s Guide to Child Custody Battles: Part I

Cordell & Cordell Attorney Rochelle Cavanagh submitted a two-part article on how to get through a custody battle based on her experience as an attorney representing men. It includes many practical tips on how to present the best image, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

8.   Meeting Women After Divorce

Getting back into the dating game after being married for years — if not decades — can be a very intimidating experience. We run down several options for meeting eligible women if you are ready to put yourself back on the market but are having trouble figuring out where to start.

9.   Contempt Actions: Enforcing Court Orders

If an order is not followed, it may be necessary to seek court enforcement through filing a contempt action. Contempt can include both civil and criminal penalties, and depending on the violation may include extra visitation, fines or jail time. However, be aware that you must prove the offending party had the ability to comply and willfully disregarded the order.

10.   9 Common Beliefs Attorneys Frequently Correct

There is a lot of misinformation out there, particularly in the world of family law. Every single day, attorneys hear something new that people believe to be true about divorce that is in reality totally wrong. Here are several of those beliefs that attorneys must correct on a regular basis.

While we are happy with improvements made to the site over the past year, we look toward 2015 as a new opportunity to continue expanding upon our goal of providing men with a comprehensive resource of the best information for getting through a divorce.

Feel encouraged to fill out a contact form with any feedback on how we can enhance user experience, whether it be through topics that needs further development or new features to improve how information is conveyed.

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