Too Much Advice May Be A Bad Thing


If you’re looking for divorce advice for men, you’ve come to the right place.  Many men are taken advantage of when it comes to divorce; your spouse may get the bulk of the assets from your marriage, while you are left with the short end of the stick.  There is all kinds of advice you will surely get from friends, family and co-workers, both good and bad.  The best divorce advice for men is to be careful just whose advice you do decide take!

Why it’s a bad idea to listen to all of your “friends”

It’s true, your friends probably have your best interest at heart – but this doesn’t mean you should rely on the advice they give you.  Everyone has “been there, done that” but each person has a unique set of circumstances, and relationships are all different.

Your family members may advise you to work on the marriage, go to counseling, do whatever it takes.  Your friends may say you can’t get out fast enough.  You may have friends and co-workers with the “ideal” marriage, and others who have been through the ringer with divorce.  The truth is, the best divorce advice for men is to listen to your own advice, and that of your lawyer.  You know what you’ve been through, what you have tried that failed, where the relationship between you and your wife stands.  When you know it’s over, there is usually no turning back.

Although it may be hard to hear, some so-called “friends” enjoy drama, so they may give you advice that only stirs things up and makes things worse instead of better.  Unless you have a friend you really trust who has given you great advice in the past, forego all of the friendly advice.

Too much advice will only leave you more confused

You’re already overwhelmed with the point you have reached in your life, one that you never expected when you got married.  How did things go so wrong?  What happened to the fun, friendship and love?  While it’s often hard to pinpoint just where things did start to go downhill, you have enough thoughts, regrets and turmoil in your mind without listening to the advice of everyone you know.  Sure, some of it will be good advice, but some will be bad – very bad.

What to do when people offer their “expert advice”

It’s hard to be rude when a close buddy or co-worker who you consider a friend wants to offer advice, but you really just don’t want to hear it.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings, but what should you do?  The simplest solution is to ask them if they could talk about something else; or, try to change the subject yourself.  When you ask those close to you to change the subject, they will soon get the hint that your relationship and possibly pending divorce is off limits.

The best divorce advice for men is to seek the expertise of a divorce counselor if you feel that you need it.  Someone who is unrelated and not in the “loop” often has a fresh perspective on things.  An expert with the skill and knowledge to help those facing a crisis in their life (and divorce is a crisis) can help you see the circumstances more clearly, helping you navigate through the process and pain of divorce so that you can move forward toward a brighter, happier future.  While it seems that you will never get through this painful ordeal, always remember “This too shall pass.”

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