How Does Switching Jobs During Divorce Affect Proceedings?

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How would switching jobs in the middle of the divorce affect proceedings? Additionally, would infidelity on the part of my wife impact the outcome?

Missouri divorce attorney Michelle Hughes


  1. I generally do not recommend that my clients switch jobs if there will be a decrease in salary or total compensation. If there is a decrease in your pay, you could be ordered to pay child support based upon your salary before you switched jobs. With that said, if the job change is not voluntary and you have to take it to keep earning income, then you should definitely take the job. Also, if the change allows you more time at home to be with children, then potentially the change would be better, unless the salary is substantially lower.
  1. Missouri is no-fault in that the judge will not issue a final decree due to infidelity; however, the judge will consider what was spent on that infidelity. For example, if you purchased a girlfriend a new car, then the judge might punish you for spending family/marital money on your girlfriend. I’ve seen Judge’s give the non-cheating spouse a larger share of marital assets to make up for the martial money that was spent on the affair.

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