Men’s Divorce Tips: Getting a Divorce Without The Drama


Unless you have been through it before (and even if you have), most men don’t know how to get a divorce.  After all, when you get married you never “make a plan” for how things will go should you get a divorce, because you don’t expect it to happen.  Unfortunately, all too often things do go wrong in a marriage, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution that both of you can live with.  When divorce is the only resolution, how can you go about it without waging an all-out war?

Here are a few tips for men regarding how to get a divorce.

Make negotiating with your spouse as easy as possible

Make a real effort to get along with your spouse.  Verbal and physical abuse is no good, and will only get you charged with assault.  Remain calm; portraying the image of an abuser will doom you in court.

Be honest with your spouse.  If your wife finds out through someone else that you have filed or plan to file for divorce, it will lead to bitterness and resentment. Tell her upfront, so that there are no surprises.  When you have children together, an amicable approach is best if possible.  Make every attempt to divide assets together, without fighting if possible.

Know what you own prior to your divorce.  Other than your home, bank and/or savings account, you may have stocks and money market accounts.  Have your assets professionally appraised instead of “guessing” what they are worth.  Knowing what your assets are and their worth will make the process of dividing up the assets the way YOU want to do it easier.

Don’t go broke in the process

Don’t hire a lawyer as an emotional counselor.  Paying for legal services isn’t cheap!  Lawyers offer legal advice and representation.  When you need to talk to someone about your feelings or the broken relationship, go to a counselor or even your clergy.  They’re much less expensive, and more effective with helping you sort out your feelings.

People often assume they need a lawyer if they are planning to divorce. The truth is, you may save money by using a do-it-yourself divorce kit if you and your spouse are in agreement on issues such as child custody, property and other assets.  However, if your wife hires a lawyer, it likely means that she intends to fight you on certain issues, so hire reputable legal counsel at once.

Avoid procrastinating

Many couples who decide to get a divorce put it off indefinitely.  You or your spouse may have mentioned it months earlier, but taking that first step is difficult.  The fact is, the longer you put it off the messier things are likely to get. This is because your spouse has more time to strategize and think about what she wants as far as property, money, children, etc

Give careful thought to what you want in regards to child custody, property, assets, money and other aspects of your life.  Have a plan, and act on it.  A quick, clean split from your spouse is usually the easiest on both of you, but make sure you identify your goals first.  You never want to go in to divorce blindly.

Be financially savvy – and frugal

Be smart when it comes to the finances; neither you or your spouse should fear being taken to the cleaners.  Open up a new bank account in your name only, and put half of the money from the joint account in to your new account.  Close credit card accounts immediately, and open up a post office box where you can receive mail related to your financial assets and/or business.

Cut back on expenses during this time.  Don’t go out partying it up and spending money unnecessarily.  Spend as little money as possible to get buy until this chapter of your life is closed.

Men often wonder how to get a divorce without going through a long, drawn-out battle.  Follow these tips, and you can get a divorce without the drama and fireworks.

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