In Case You Missed It – May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

“In Case You Missed It” is a weekly video series that recaps recent top stories. Additionally, the videos will highlight older articles that still contain relevant and helpful information that may have been buried by more recent posts.

This series makes it even easier to stay up to speed with the latest articles and useful information provided by Men’s Divorce.

In Case You Missed It – May 4, 2015:

Divorce Attorney Tips: Achieving A Fair Custody Arrangement

This week, a panel of Cordell & Cordell attorneys give their top tips on how fathers can achieve a fair custody arrangement while going through a divorce.

When Can My Children Decide Which Parent To Live With?

Is there are certain age when my children decide for themselves which parent they want to live with? There is generally an age at which the court will…

Attorney Bites: Cost-Saving Tips For Your Divorce

This week, attorney Cassandra Pillonel gives a few cost-saving tips that will help you lower the overall cost of your divorce.

Will My Wife’s Affair Help Me Achieve A Fair Divorce?

I am worried that despite my wife’s affair, I will be hosed in a divorce. What can I do to protect my retirement accounts and time with children?

Why You Should Petition To Modify Child Support

Child support orders can be modified based on a severe change in circumstances, and it is important to file immediately after these changes are known.

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