In Case You Missed It – March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

“In Case You Missed It” is a new weekly video series that recaps recent top stories. Additionally, the videos will highlight older articles that still contain relevant and helpful information that may have been buried by more recent posts.

This new series makes it even easier to stay up to speed with the latest articles and useful information provided by Men’s Divorce.

In Case You Missed It – March 9, 2015:

New Version Of Men’s Divorce Source App Available On iTunes

Cordell & Cordell has released an improved Men’s Divorce Source app, which is available free on the iTunes App Store, that includes several new features.

Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Reimbursable Medical Expenses?

My ex is seeking reimbursement for medical expenses from nine years ago. Is there a statute of limitations on her claim? In many states, the requirement…

Attorney Bites: The Benefits Of Avoiding Litigation

In this week’s video, Colorado family law attorney Marlana Caruso explains several reasons why avoiding litigation is often beneficial in a divorce.

At What Age Can My Children Decide To Skip Visitation?

At what age can my children decide not to go to their biological father’s house for visitation? The child’s preference is just one factor that court…

Protecting Your Assets: Part I

This is the first of a two-part series discussing what constitutes marital property and the legal / illegal methods of protecting assets in a divorce.

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