In Case You Missed It – March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

“In Case You Missed It” is a new weekly video series that recaps recent top stories. Additionally, the videos will highlight older articles that still contain relevant and helpful information that may have been buried by more recent posts.

This new series makes it even easier to stay up to speed with the latest articles and useful information provided by Men’s Divorce.

In Case You Missed It – March 23, 2015:

Fighting False Allegations Of Abuse In A Divorce

False allegations of abuse can have severe consequences during divorce or custody disputes and can be difficult to fight, but there are steps you can take.

Can I Take My Child To Church If My Ex Has Legal Custody?

If the mother of my child has legal custody, can the court still allow me to take my child to church? In most states, there are two types of custody…

Attorney Bites: The Difference Between Fault And No-Fault Divorce

In this week’s video, Colorado family law attorney Miles Cottom explains the difference between fault and no-fault divorce.

Can My Girlfriend Pick Up My Son If I Have To Work Late?

Men’s Divorce Ask a Lawyer: Is there anything my ex-wife can do to stop my girlfriend from picking up my if I cannot get off work in time to pick him up?

Social Media Pitfalls To Avoid During Divorce

Social media benefits include connecting with people around the world; however, it is now common for posts to become evidence during a divorce.

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