In Case You Missed It – April 20, 2015

april 20, 2015

“In Case You Missed It” is a weekly video series that recaps recent top stories. Additionally, the videos will highlight older articles that still contain relevant and helpful information that may have been buried by more recent posts.

This series makes it even easier to stay up to speed with the latest articles and useful information provided by Men’s Divorce.

In Case You Missed It – April 20, 2015:

Everything You Need To Know About Mediation: Part II

Many may not know what mediation is or why it is recommended / required by the courts. This guide gives a general outline how the mediation process works.

Is Child Support Independent Of Visitation?

I heard child support is independent of visitation. Is that the case? It is true that child support is independent of a parent’s right to parenting time…

Attorney Bites: Calculating The Marital Share Of Retirement Accounts

This week, family law attorney Rebecca DeVincent explains how the marital portion of retirement accounts is calculated when going through a divorce.

Can Child Support Be Extended Past The Age Of Emancipation?

Is there any legal precedent to have child support extended past when my daughter turns 18 and graduates high school if she continues living with me?

5 Tips To Avoid A Toxic Divorce

Not all divorces need to involve all out warfare in the courtroom. If you and your spouse can keep these tips in mind, it can lead to a less toxic divorce.

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