How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyers for Men


If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, divorce lawyers for men are generally going to have the same qualities as those for women. To find a good attorney to help you through your divorce, you should:

Be careful about advertisements

Remember that advertisements are meant specifically to attract your business. Although an advertisement can mean a lawyer is good, don’t just rely on the advertisement alone. Check divorce lawyers for men reputations online, and/or check with friends or relatives who have used a particular lawyer’s services.

Go with someone who specializes in divorce law

Too often, divorce lawyers for men will say that they specialize in divorce when they really don’t. Lawyers can say they specialize in something even if they practice in more than one area, so be careful. Check your lawyer’s credentials, background and references before you decide to hire him or her. The lawyer you choose should have had experience in or be working with a firm that specializes in family law, with your lawyer’s specialty specifically in divorce.

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Go with someone local

Sometimes, you’ll see advertisements for divorce lawyers for men where the ads are national, not local. Make sure the lawyer you deal with is local. This isn’t just for reasons of convenience, but also because your lawyer is going to need to be versed in divorce laws for your state. Divorce laws do change on a state-by-state basis; your lawyer will need to be licensed in your state, to be sure, but will also need experience practicing in that state. If your lawyer has just moved from another state and has now set up shop in your state, he or she may not be very experienced in your state’s divorce laws, even if experienced in general.

Hire someone who has the same approach as you do

Even a very good lawyer may clash with you simply because you don’t see eye to eye. Find someone who listens to you, agrees with your general approach, and has your best interests at heart at all times. Remember, you’re hiring your lawyer for his or her expertise, to be sure, but that comes with some caveats. Don’t simply “turn over your case” to your lawyer and let him or her call all the shots. You are a full participant in your own divorce proceedings, and should be treated as an equal.

Hire someone who has extensive courtroom experience

Even if you expect your divorce to be amicable, such that court proceedings will be perfunctory and basic, it’s a good idea to hire divorce lawyers for men who have extensive courtroom experience nonetheless. If you should have to go to court, you’ll know that you’ve got an experienced attorney on your side who can handle what’s coming up (even if you’re blindsided by it); similarly, good courtroom attorneys also generally get very fair settlements even if it turns out you don’t have to go to court, since your attorney will know how to negotiate and get the best possible outcome for you.

Other considerations

When it comes to divorce lawyers for men, financial and custody issues are often integrally intertwined with the divorce itself. If you’ve got children, you will want a divorce lawyer that’s versed in child custody issues so that you get fair custody of your children as applicable, or even a sole custody, as the case may be. By the same token, you’ll need to protect your financial interests such that your divorce lawyer should make sure you make fair child support payments (but not excessive), and that spousal support, if necessary, is also reasonable.

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