Custody Co-parenting


Co-Parenting 101: The Difficulties And Tips For Success

When a divorce is finally over, most people would love to just cut ties with their ex completely and move on with their life. Unfortunately, that is often not possible — especially if you have children. When minor children are involved, you have a lifelong

parallel parenting

Parallel Parenting: A High-Conflict Co-Parenting Model

In an ideal world, divorcing your spouse would instantly release all hostility between you and your now ex. All the pent up resentment, anger and misgivings you’ve harbored during years of dysfunctional matrimony dissolve like your marriage with the signing of the decree. Unfortunately, that


Divorce Attorney Tips: Improving Your Coparenting Relationship

In this segment of Divorce Attorney Tips we answer the question: "How can guys improve co-parenting during and after a divorce?"

Parenting Classes Give Better Perspective

Parenting classes are fairly par for the course during a divorce with children involved. According to The Washington Post, a 2008 study by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts showed that 48 states offer such classes in some form or another, while 27 required

shared parenting

Shared Parenting Movement Gaining Ground Despite Opposition

Fathers are scoring minor victories across the country as more states are pushing through legislation that would require courts to give greater consideration to shared parenting when determining custody of minor children following divorce. More than 20 states have legislation in the works that would

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Summertime Parenting Tips
Indiana family law attorney Kimberly McCabe gives some tips on how to make summertime parenting run smoothly after a divorce.
Divorce 101: Children & Custody
A video series featuring information on building a custody case, what "the best interests of the children" means, co-parenting and more.