Custody Best Interests


An Attorney’s Guide to Child Custody Battles: Part I

J. Rochelle Cavanagh, Esq., Contributing Author While no two custody cases are ever the same, there are some general guidelines that hold true for every single case, regardless of the circumstances. The following is a list of general guidelines I consider crucial for every litigant

Guardian Ad Litem

The Role Of A Guardian Ad Litem In Custody Disputes

During a contentious divorce, it is unfortunately not uncommon for both parties to be so caught up in their own struggles and battles against one another that the well-being of any children loses its place as the top priority. In the emotionally heated conflicts of


Dealing With Unjust Custody Laws: Part II

The battle to gain custody can be fierce, and while fathers are often put at a disadvantage, demonstrating that you are a positive influence for your child will go a long way. Additionally, knowing what guidelines your state uses to determine the best interests of


An Attorney’s Guide to Child Custody Battles: Part II

J. Rochelle Cavanagh, Esq., Contributing Author All custody cases are different; however, there are some general rules everyone should follow — regardless of their circumstances. This list of general guidelines is vital for anyone going through a custody battle. Some may seem self-evident, but you

fair custody

Divorce Attorney Tips: Achieving A Fair Custody Arrangement

In this segment of Divorce Attorney Tips we answer the question: "What is the No. 1 tip or piece of advice you give to fathers going through divorce that will help them achieve a fair custody arrangement?"

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Getting A Fair Custody Arrangement
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The Role Of A Guardian Ad Litem
Indiana divorce attorney Kimberly McCabe gives an overview of the role of a Guardian Ad Litem and some tips on how to get the best custody result.
Divorce 101: Children & Custody
A video series featuring information on building a custody case, what "the best interests of the children" means, child support and more.