Before Filing For Divorce


The Basics of Filing for Divorce: Part I

Kristen M. Buzzelli, Contributing Author The first step in legally dissolving your marriage happens when either you or your spouse file for divorce. This is a big decision and shouldn’t be made lightly; however, it may be out of your hands if your wife makes

filing for divorce

The Basics of Filing for Divorce: Part II

Kristen M. Buzzelli, Contributing Author Filing for divorce can sometimes become even more complicated if your spouse knows it is coming and actively avoids service, or if you simply do not know where she currently lives. Additionally, if you are served with divorce papers, it

Where to File Your Divorce Petition

Ending a marriage is a complicated process, and when divorce is on the horizon, dozens of questions immediately come to mind: What is going to happen to my stuff? How often will I get to see my kids? Who will get the house? Will I


The Difference Between Fault And No-Fault Divorce

Once you have decided to go through with a divorce, it is important to determine how you want to move forward. While most divorces these days are filed as “no-fault,” meaning neither side is saddled with taking the blame for the deterioration of the marriage,


Why You Should Strive to Avoid a Contested Divorce

The difference between a contested and uncontested divorce seems simple on the face of things, but it can easily be a source of misunderstanding. Based off the language, it seems pretty clear: A contested divorce is disputed, while an uncontested divorce is not. However, this

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Fault And No-Fault Divorce
Colorado family law attorney Miles Cottom explains the difference between fault and no-fault divorce.
Where To FIle For Divorce
Colorado family law attorney Marlana Caruso explains where to file a divorce action.
Divorce 101: Before Divorce
A video series featuring information on getting legal advice, preparing for an initial consultation, filing for divorce and more.