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The Million-Dollar Question: How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

When a marriage reaches its breaking point and a couple finally decides it’s time to divorce, one of the first questions pretty much everyone will ask is, “How much will this cost?” While there are fortunately some strategies you can utilize to help control divorce


10 Tips To Save Time And Money During Divorce

The costs and time associated with a divorce vary tremendously depending on the extenuating circumstances of each individual case; however, there are some fairly simple guidelines you can follow that could help reduce the financial burden and time spent in court. Below are just a


From Accounts to Bills: Six Crucial Financial Tips

If you go through a divorce, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not only an emotional ordeal, it’s a financial one as well. From separation of property to adjusting to your economic plight as a single person, divorce will put your financial savviness to the test.

reducing divorce expenses

Divorce Attorney Tips: Reducing Divorce Expenses

In this segment of Divorce Attorney Tips we answer the question: "What are some money-saving tips that can help guys lower the overall cost of divorce?"
pro se

Pro Tips for the Pro Se Litigant

Many people going through divorce decide to represent themselves as a means of saving money on attorney fees. The pro se method can be successful if the split is completely amicable and there are no disagreements, but it is still wise to hire skilled experts


Helpful Hints to Manage Divorce Expenses

Divorce is rarely an inexpensive endeavor, and despite the tired, old punch-line that “it’s worth it,” there may be avenues for cost-conscious clients to minimize or avoid some divorce-related expenses. According to a number of Cordell & Cordell’s practice leaders, preparation, perspective and patience are

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Cost-Saving Divorce Tips
Texas family law attorney Cassandra Pillonel gives a few cost-saving tips that will help you lower the overall cost of your divorce.
Cheaper Options For Legal Help
Indiana divorce attorney Kimberly McCabe gives some tips on where to find cheap legal help if you are unable to afford an attorney during a divorce.
Divorce 101: Before Divorce
A video series featuring information on getting legal advice, preparing for an initial consultation, the cost of divorce and more.