After Modifying Alimony


Reducing Or Terminating Alimony And Child Support

Child support and alimony are fairly common issues in divorce that continue to affect the parties for years, or even decades, after the divorce is finalized. These obligations often place enormous financial strain on the payor when they must continue to cut their ex a


Alimony Basics: Factors, Types and Decree Protections

If you are thinking about or currently going through a divorce, one of your prominent concerns may be the chance of getting stuck with a long-term alimony payment — a fear likely fanned by the Internet. Horror stories abound on the Web of men (and

decree modification

The Basics Of Divorce Decree Modification

Katherine Lewis, Contributing Author While aspects like property division and debt allocation are generally not altered after they have been decided in a divorce, the final agreement is not completely set in stone. It is possible for many aspects, such as alimony, child support payments


Consultation Preparation for Decree Modifications

Angela Penick, Contributing Author So, you want to modify your court order. Hands down, the most important aspect of a consultation to modify a prior order is to bring a complete copy of the order you are seeking to change. So many prospective clients come

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