After Contempt


Contempt Actions: Enforcing Court Orders

When a court issues an order during or after a divorce, such as an official visitation schedule or regular support payments, it becomes legally binding. This means you must abide by the conditions laid out in the order, and if you willfully disobey, you can

mistakes men make

6 Common Mistakes Men Make AFTER A Divorce

Once your final hearing has ended and you’ve signed your divorce decree (whether you are happy with the settlement or not), it can feel like a major weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You are now free to begin a new life as a


Enforcing Visitation When Denied Court-Ordered Parenting Time

Although strides have been made toward making equal custody the default standard, it has yet to catch on in the majority of states. Until then, many perfectly fit and loving fathers are going to be regulated to default visitation schedules that typically fall into the


The Importance Of Language And Detail In Divorce Decrees Or Orders

Rosemary Rizk, Contributing Author We have all heard the expression “the devil is in the details,” and I will tell you that saying is even truer when you are going through a divorce or abiding by orders post-divorce. My rule of thumb for writing a

Ask a Lawyer

What Can I Do if My Ex Never Paid a Court-Ordered Buyout?

Question: My ex is still living in the marital home and was supposed to pay me for a buyout, but has not. What are my legal rights?

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