Characteristics of the Best Divorce Attorney for Men


Is there really a “best divorce attorney for men”? Not necessarily, but good divorce attorneys for men share certain characteristics. These include:

Extensive experience with family law and divorce

Anybody can say they specialize in divorce; as long as you have a law degree, you can generally say you are a “divorce lawyer.” However, the best attorney for men is going to be one who has extensive experience with family law and in particular, divorce; you should also look for an attorney who specializes in child custody issues if those are going to be paramount in your case, and can handle financial issues with expertise, as well.

Licensed in your state — for a significant period of time

Lawyers can move just like anyone can during their careers, and this can mean that even if a lawyer has experience in divorce law, it may not be significant when it pertains to the particular laws of your state. Make sure the lawyer you choose is not just experienced, but is a divorce attorney for men who has been practicing your state for a while.

 Has experience in the courtroom — even if it’s not ultimately needed

The best divorce attorney for men is going to be able to fight in the courtroom if needed. This is important; you may be thinking at the moment that your divorce is going to be amicable and you’re not going to need a lawyer with extensive courtroom skill. It’s just a matter of filing the papers and completing the process, right? Not necessarily; although it’s important to proceed with your divorce amicably if at all possible (to save time, money and heartache for both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse), it’s indeed possible that you may find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to fight things out in court. If that happens, you need someone who has experience in the courtroom so that you get the best outcome possible.

Additionally, the best divorce attorney for men can use his or her courtroom experience to advantage to negotiate your settlement, even if your case doesn’t have to go to court. It’s a win-win situation either way, in other words, to get a divorce attorney with experience in the courtroom, whether or not you actually do have to go to court.

“Meshes” with you

Too many people don’t talk about personality “meshing” when they talk about the best divorce attorney for men, but they should. Even the best lawyer isn’t going to work well with you if you don’t see eye to eye with him or her. Make sure you match each other in personality and values as closely as possible. This makes it easier for your lawyer to fight for what you want, because he or she will truly understand what you want and won’t simply be “going through the motions.” A good lawyer will do a good job regardless of whether or not you do see eye to eye, but even a good lawyer will likely perform better if he or she understands exactly what you want, and why.


Is the best divorce attorney for men… a man himself? That’s a good question to ask, because it is indeed true that a man is going to understand a man’s perspective better than a woman will, in many cases. However, gender should be only one of the considerations you look at when you’re choosing a lawyer.

If you mesh with a female lawyer, and you can tell that she’s going to fight for your best interests, has experience in the courtroom, is very versed in family law and divorce, and has been licensed in your state for a while, don’t let the fact that she’s a woman dissuade you. A good lawyer who matches your values, has your best interests in mind, and operates with integrity at all times is going to be a good choice, regardless of gender.

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