A Breakdown of the Men’s Divorce Redesign


With an ongoing goal of providing top-quality divorce information for men, Mensdivorce.com has (finally) received a much-needed overhaul. The new site design showcases a vast improvement in organization and new features so we are better able to deliver accurate and practical divorce information.

With such a major renovation to the website, there are bound to be glitches, bugs and minor oversights that made it into the live version. Feel free to explore all of the new features, and report any problems, errors or suggestions using the Contact form.

Many of the alterations are obvious, but here is a breakdown of some of the bigger changes:

New homepage layout

The old design had a straightforward blog layout with the five most recent posts displayed on the homepage. While this worked to simply display articles, it gave little flexibility and offered a poor interface for finding information on the various major categories that encompass the divorce process.

The new design incorporates a more static front page. It offers a featured article at the top that able to be changed by the editor, along with the two most recent posts off to the right. You can also still see the regular blog view under the Articles tab on the primary navigation menu.

The middle bar contains links to three new features — Divorce 101, Profiles and Resources.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the six primary article categories: Finance, Legal, Personal, Lifestyle, Property and Children. The three most recent articles under those category will appear on the homepage, making it easier to find relevant information that pertains to a particular situation.

Divorce 101

One of the new segments, Divorce 101 contains a curated list of our top articles for the various stages of divorce, custody issues and our highest viewed content. This is meant as a place to start for anyone feeling lost in the divorce process.


While it is easy to dismiss divorce tips and advice in a typical article, the Profiles section is meant to add a dose of reality. Through interviews with divorce survivors, attorneys and various other divorce experts, Profiles offers the real-world experience of people who have faced divorce and lived to tell the tale. This will be a great resource for anyone wanting to see what others have encountered instead of just reading about hypothetical scenarios.


The Resources tab will continue to be a work in progress. It currently contains links to other reliable websites, child support calculators and a divorce app with useful features for smartphones, but will continue to have additional features added as they come along.

Categories and tags

The old system for categories and tags was incredibly unorganized. With the new Men’s Divorce design, the system for categorizing and tagging articles now has structure, making it much easier navigate similar topics. Along with the six primary categories, there are a limited number of tags that will be used to designate more specific areas of interest. These are found at the bottom of each article, and clicking on the link for the tag will bring up all of the other content marked with that particular designation.

Ask a lawyer

The Ask a Lawyer option was added a few months ago, and there has been a steady increase in the number of questions submitted every week. We will continue to answer the questions personally, but now we will also begin posting some of the answers (anonymously) as well. There are very often similar questions submitted, and it may save you some trouble if you can find an answer that has already been sent. Simply click the Ask a Lawyer tag to see all the questions that have been posted.

Still more to come

There are additional features that were not included with the initial relaunch that should be implemented in the coming weeks. These include a weekly newsletter, a YouTube video series and an interactive forum. There are also likely to be minor tweaks as we work out the bugs and find ways to improve upon the design now that it is live.

Overall, we at Men’s Divorce are very excited for what the new and improved website has to offer. With the added flexibility and new features, we are confident the quality of information provided on the site will increase significantly.

Again, if you come across any issues while browsing the new features or if you have any comments regarding the new layout, please feel encouraged to contact the editor.

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