Understanding Marital Abandonment

surviving divorce

It might be a cliché or might just be something that you may see in a movie or a television show, but coming home to an empty house with a note saying that she is leaving, can happen. Desertion happens. Many find themselves alone in


Dealing with Fatigue During a Divorce

Remaining vigilant for as long as the divorce process can last is an exhausting expectation. It requires constant focus and concentration. Many feel that if you take a break and lose sight of the experience, you may fall behind and lose a part of your


Explaining the Concept of Custody to a Child

Marriages rarely end overnight. For two individuals who have drifted apart, sought the comfort of others, processed the stress and anguish of the constant fighting, divorce can appear to be an attractive option, in an effort to end the unhappiness. For parents in this situation,