Men’s Divorce School Website Receives Makeover

Men’s Divorce School

Cordell & Cordell recently unveiled an improved website design for the firm’s Men’s Divorce School service, which includes a variety of new features and an updated interface to simplify site navigation. Men’s Divorce School is designed to offer men and fathers a free crash course in


How A Contempt Hearing Works In Divorce


Contempt typically arises when one party refuses or otherwise fails to abide by the terms of the court-approved settlement, divorce decree or other court order. If your former spouse has failed to comply with a court order, you can seek relief from the court by


Attorney Bites: What Prenups Can And Cannot Cover


Men’s Divorce is happy to present the video segment, “Attorney Bites.” In this series, divorce attorneys will briefly break down various complex areas of family law into more easily understood pieces. This week, Florida family law attorney Mallory McClure explains what can and cannot be