Keeping Your Car in a Divorce

Transportation is a necessary component of today’s daily routine. We, as individuals in society, rely on it to get to where we need to go, and in order to make that happen, having a car becomes a necessity. During a divorce, that necessity becomes an


Men’s Divorce School Website Receives Makeover

Men’s Divorce School

Cordell & Cordell recently unveiled an improved website design for the firm’s Men’s Divorce School service, which includes a variety of new features and an updated interface to simplify site navigation. Men’s Divorce School is designed to offer men and fathers a free crash course in


How Adultery Affects No-Fault Divorce


No-fault divorce has become the norm across most states, which in basic terms means that the reason the parties are divorcing is not a factor considered by the court when dividing assets and debts or determining other areas of the settlement. As such, the most