Week in Review – September 26, 2014

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Men’s Divorce, sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site DadsDivorce.com have teamed up to present a series of news round-up videos at the end of each week.

In this week’s news, Cordell & Cordell announced two upcoming “Getting Divorced Without Going Broke” events Oct. 8 and Oct. 9  in Houston. These free seminars, presented by Cordell & Cordell and the American Association of Attorney-CPAs, give practical tips on how to survive a divorce with as little financial damage as possible.

Dad’s Divorce responded to a reader’s question regarding custody issues with his baby living in a different state. Because of the distance, he will be unable to have the traditional custody schedule of every other weekend and one night per week, and will likely be allowed visitation when he is in the baby’s state until the child is old enough to visit on holidays or summer break.

Men’s Divorce published an article laying out how to best prepare for a consultation with a family law attorney when you are seeking a modification of a decree or existing court order. By far, the most important item to bring is a copy of the order, but you should also be able to describe precisely what isn’t working with the existing order and how you would like it to change.

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