In Case You Missed It – April 27, 2015

april 27, 2015

“In Case You Missed It” is a weekly video series that recaps recent top stories. Additionally, the videos will highlight older articles that still contain relevant and helpful information that may have been buried by more recent posts.

This series makes it even easier to stay up to speed with the latest articles and useful information provided by Men’s Divorce.

In Case You Missed It – April 27, 2015:

Obtaining Emergency Temporary Custody Of Your Children

If you have serious concerns about the safety of your children in the primary custodial parent’s care, you should file for emergency temporary custody.

Do I Qualify For Alimony As A Stay-At-Home Dad?

I gave up a decent job to be a stay-at-home dad for my twin boys. Am I entitled to receive alimony, and how will this impact my chance of obtaining custody?

Attorney Bites: How Relocation Affects Custody And Visitation

This week, family law attorney Rebecca DeVincent explains how relocation affects custody agreements after divorce and how to get a move approved.

How Do You Recoup Overpaid Child Support Arrears?

Men’s Divorce Ask a Lawyer: How do you recoup overpaid child support arrears? Answer: If there is a local Child Support Services entity involved…

Protection Orders: The Intended Use and Possible Abuse

Protection orders are issued with a very low threshold of evidence, creating an easily-abused system that completely changes the dynamic of a divorce.

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