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Moving Out Before Divorce Is Final Causes Problems

The gut reaction for many people who are going through divorce is to leave the home they share with their soon-to-be ex immediately. While the temptation is obviously great and no matter how easy it is to justify — convincing yourself that moving out will


Battlefield Home: Living Together While Divorcing

Since it is usually a very bad idea to move out of the marital residence once you and your spouse decide to divorce, most couples need to find a way to continue living together until everything is settled. This can be a very stressful challenge,


Children: Never Leave Home Without Them!

Megan Williams, Contributing Author In many cases, when parties start the divorce proceeding and decide to live in different households, the separation plays a major role on the eventual outcome on the custody of any minor children. Too many times, the father moves out and

4 Reasons Not to Buy Something Big During Your Divorce

Are you going through a divorce and also thinking about making a big purchase? Think again. Splurging on unnecessary luxury items during a family law case is not a good idea under the best of economic conditions, and it is one of the worst decisions

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Do I Have to Leave My Home if My Wife Files for Divorce?

Question: Is my wife entitled to any portion of my house if I bought the home before we were married? And If my wife decides to file for divorce, do I have to leave my home for her and our kids to live in?

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