During Discovery


Discovery: Gathering Evidence, Learning The Opposition

The discovery aspect of a divorce seems pretty self-explanatory: It is when either party collects (discovers) the evidence to support their side of the case. However, it is more of a cooperative exchange of information than each side gunning to get dirt on the other.


Quick Tips For Surviving A Deposition

If all other negotiations fall through and your divorce looks destined for a litigated battle in court, there is a good chance you will have to go through a deposition. This is not a fun experience — you will be taken into foreign territory (often


The Advantages Of Settling A Divorce Out Of Court

Negotiating the terms of a divorce is difficult enough when you are on fairly good terms with your spouse, not to mention how much harder they become when you can barely stand being in the same room as one another. However, most estimates put the


5 Tips To Avoid A Toxic Divorce

When the topic of divorce comes up, the conversation always seems to zero in on the combative and nasty accounts of people’s splits — because let’s be real, if there isn’t any drama, what is the point of telling or listening to the story in

Essential Videos

Facebook & Divorce
Virginia divorce attorney Rebecca DeVincent explains how Facebook can be used to gather evidence during a divorce and how to avoid negative posts.
Vocational Experts
Pennsylvania divorce attorney Jamie Spero explains how a vocational expert can be a useful expert witness during a divorce or support case.
Divorrce 101: During Divorce
A video series featuring information on why you should stay in the marital home, spousal support, the discovery process and more.